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Arts gave us an strong point from wich we can discuss. As Deleuze said, at the moment you grab an percept and guide them through an artwork, whereas music, paints or literacy, it is attempted to to give him an eternal direction, pinpointing them to demonstrate what was the human genre.

Sentiments are inexplicable, when the author of a book in an narrative tries to explain the emotion of a character, he doesn’t do it in a pragmatic or direct way to do it, it is not possible to do it with our limited knowledge, that’s why he does it in a figurative form or with an image, using perceptives example to give reason to an sentiment. Here it comes our relationship with the surrounding, as we decide to give an simbology, that is our interpretation, and therefore, an idea.

Arts play’s with the percepts paradigms, humans, must not only interpretate and learn, they have to feel, and following the scheme of the French vanguardist theater, from authors like Antonin Artaud, wich brakes the scheme of the neoclassical theater, must convert arts, not in a mere learning tool, like the Shakespearan writing’s, despised by many prolific russian literats, but in a tool to “cure” men.

Emotions, they could be considered as mere biological or cultural coincidences, but the can touch the ontological point of view, being an key ramification of metaphysics, giving more meaning to our surrounding, whose existance its under the methodical doubt, giving mayor human interpretation as an instrument



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