so i watched this video

(Sorry that the subs are in spanish, couldn’t find an english version)

Before watching this video of the French Phisolofical worker Guilles Deleuze, my concept of idea and perception was completely platonic, wich mean, ideas are mere abstract concepts in were humans always try to found an pragmatic solution, in an Helenic theorem to found a truth that shall become law. our ideas will not be more than the interpretation of something that doesn’t exist, wich we’ve decided to give him an absolute reality, yet we limit ourselve to not cuestion its meaning.

Our ambient its really just a existencial plane without meaning, but as the founder of the existencialist currrent, Soren kierkegaard, would say, “life is a problem to be fixed, but a reality to face”. even when we try to deny meaning to something, we must understand that “thing” will affect us, even when we decide to think in him.

Humans being create symbols, create interpretations, manipulate our arounds. Ideas, could be said that they are not more than innovative interpretations of our ambient, using the scientific order, the mathematics interpretation of the things, trying to relate the numerical value to the hypothetical order of nature, even our arts, trying to give eternity to give humans situations emotions.

Guilles gave us the term “percept”, a word that i interpreted as the sentiments or emotions that the chronological or ambientals emits, either natural or human made.

From the anthropological perpective, this emotions are simply evolutive, like colours, our arounds will express to us an sentiment that warn us something dangerous, or something advantageous.

Part 2 next week



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