If you come from a non-English speaking country, for example, any country from Latin America, you are going to heard something quite peculiar.

-We are transcultural; we cannot permit that, embrace what is yours, don’t go and be manipulated by the forces of Hollywood.

 Maybe I exaggerated a bit, but it’s really common to see certain incommodity to a foreign art taking part in a nation identity. That is fine, is human, what is quite irritable, is when you try to denied entry to that new form of art.

When a new form of cultural identity enters a different domain with a set of artistic expressions previously established, neither of them will destroy the other, rather, they mix. We must see it like mixing two different ingredients in a preheated pot, they will mix, but the stronger flavor will override the other, but there will be still taste of the weak flavor.

Take this little and idea, and replace it with our cultures today now, worldwide speaking, and take in hand the globalization we experiment nowadays, and you will see that it’s inevitable that a culture will enter in another one. The best way to protect your culture of choice, it’s not to deny the existence of others artistic expressions of others countries, but to help the existential one, and even better, evolve it today standards, to attract the new generation.

The way the new generation receive a regional tradition will affect the future of that tradition, either they will love it and embrace it, or feel emptiness in what could represent.

Tough of this as there’s the plan to make recital poetry, the organizer decided to ban any non-Latin-American poetry artist in this activity, and of course, I believe that is a utter mistake.

What do you think?



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