I was reading Albert Camus “The Stranger”, a story which touches quite the absurdism of certain traits of societies.

Got to admit that I was never interested in the contemporary French literature, apart from Antonin Artaud (theater and cruelty is a must read) and Jean Paul Sartre. I need to than to my professor for introducing Camus to me.

I the book, we see a character whose perception of society is of complete antipathy or better to say, indifference to certain hypocrisy of our society.

There are 3 major points discussed trough the storyline, the first is death, then there’s religion, and ultimately, justice.

I will talk about justice, and the principal thing is that our sense of justice is manipulate, overall what we deem as morality. The own meaning of moral tells us all, morality is what a community deems as righteous and “good”. We see many examples like:

Killing is wrong and punishable. But what happens when it was self-defense?

Then killing is forgivable.

Of course, this is an easy interpretation; we will kill self-defense, or even better, in the defense of the others.

What about abortion? Or immigration? O worst, death penalty?

The ambiguity on this subject is just so complicated, that I simply refuse to take a position.

Morality is not a state of be, nor a universal rule that we can all agree, it’s something that changes, and we manipulate in our favor, at the end being the most powerful the ones that state what is right and what I wrong.

When we are in a situation of despair or conflict, we use moral to justify our actions, whether good or bad, it’s all about the position and time you were at the time of your actions, not necessarily an excuse, but a way to manage to live with ourselves.



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