I was reading Tolstoi’s War and peace, I read from the Pavlona party to the departure Andrew (sorry if I mistake the names, as I am reading the Spanish version), and got the preludes of Austerlitz.

And it came to my mind; we do in fact love war…

Now, It’s still in my mind the description that Tolstoi made of the war hospitals, an reflex point that demonstrate the suffering of war, an symbol and knowledge later adapted in the romanticize movements in Europe years later.

The think we know is that, previous to World war I, people had a positive thinking of war, as a way of demonstration of power, courage and a way to increase economic power and influence, also to establish the patriotically mindset of those times, but what happened?

The suffering of World War I was high, in a Freud sense, the world felt “melancholic”, just go to google and see the image of the many soldiers that went to fight in it, smiles, celebration, an sense of honor, many of them dying like dogs in a hole, we were unable to bury them or give them our respects, feeling the despair of the real lost for the first time, something we see the a the vanguards movements in the 30’s.

In another example, a bit more mundane, I was playing Civ 5, the videogame of having to develop your civilization and either win trough the cultural or technological way, or killing everyone in the map, of course, being a videogame, it has music, each for any civilization, one for war and peace, I got attached to the British empire war theme, and went to YouTube to heard it again, and something I saw, with no exceptions, every war theme has more views than the peace one.

Humans being like the idea of war, we know its results, yet we feel chills in our spine whenever we heard of an heroic act of a soldier, its cultural and evaluative, tough we are in our greatest peace era (talking relatively) the war culture is something that still affect us.

What do you think?




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