Manipulation of ideologies

Manipulation of ideologies

During the early 1900’s, an influx of Hispania culture entered to the US, overall due the increment of Mexican immigrants after the Mexican revolution. This cultural bomb, which included language, gastronomy, and festivities, also included and famous plant which is known as the Cannabis in the English language, an herb already used in many medications in that decade. In the Spanish language is kwon as “Marihuana”, which was attributed the capacity to be a medical plant with relaxant property’s.

Marihuana is also kwon to possess is Hemp, the Cannabis herb possess fiber property’s that permits him to be included in the list of plants with high production values, helping to produce ropes, clothing, but overall, paper hemp.

Many people have heard about the of the allegation that William Randolph Hearst had connection with the DuPont company, as they both where concerned with the increase of Hemp as an alternative to wood paper, they both help in the anti-marihuana propaganda, making works with many journalist and even Hollywood, an strong propaganda media.

Many people debate that this allegations are lies, I will say, that is quite credible.

What is really true, in the nature of racism and fear that the anti-marihuana propaganda possess, as we said before, the word “marihuana” is just an replacement to the cannabis, but due to its Spanish past, it was associated to the Latin American culture, and of course, as being a minority group, a danger to the hegemony of the US in that time.

The use of fear and paranoia was used to scare the American people, which supported the marihuana ban at the beginning of the 30’s.

What I’m trying to say with all this talk, is that once the symbol of medication, was converted to the symbol of social degradation, they manipulate an symbol, and therefore, an ideology.

It’s not the first time this happens, during WWII, the sakura bloom or cherry blossom was converted from the symbol of the clouds, to the graves of the imperials soldiers, used to give a strong romanticism to the war. The Nazis converted the symbol of good luck, to the symbol of the supreme race.

Symbols, ideology’s and idiosyncrasy are completely unified, we can manipulate them to favor our cause, the use of propaganda and education can be used to change the meaning of something, the wrong concept, the lie, becomes the new collective truth, strengthen by any media or information distributive.

That’s why we most always doubt, we must question what we see, read, feel, work, but please, don’t take this meaning as of being cynical, when we get to that point, and life itself becomes unbearable, in the same way as being used as mere pawn. Humans being, have the capacity to associate any drawn image to an meaning, that is part of the work of our mind.


Human containment

Human containment

He was seated in his wooden hand made chair, watching the air in the emptiness, middle of the classroom, 1 table forward, 3 backwards, 3 and 3 left and right.

Watching the foreigner, with his bad guys face, expressing the felling of untouchable, being caress by the voluptuous tall gal. He watch as her developed mammals where touching gently the back head of the yank, without any awareness of the sins of him, of his forwardness, or at least, just ignoring it.

At his right, the innocent little girl, being pushed up by 3 men at the same time, one would think she would scream or be annoyed, but this was not the case. She was smiling, laughing, like if she enjoyed this, tough one could see the death inside, of a social need to sacrifice one’s honor for acceptance of… who?

-Please- said the child in his inner self as an emotion started crisping, a pain that requires to be cured- scream, cry, beg, if I have too, ill kill them!

Suddenly, they stopped, of the pertubators grabbed the little teen school bag, and proceed to place it inside of his sexual parts, rubbing it, stroking it to his little member.

The child was going to attack, but the princess, thought disgusted, permitted to be hugged by one of the aggressors.

-Slut! Slut! Slut!-the young boy screamed to himself, frustrated to not be able to do something- stop being an “pendeja” and protect yourself!

The tormenting of what he witnessed was tormenting him, the screams in his classroom, plus some guys playing another shitty “reaggeton” song.

Suddenly, the bloody American, decided to scream to the boys ear, he feel the saliva and humidity entering the organ, as the scream of a sick autistic man scrambled trough its mind. The child couldn’t take, the noise, the perversion, the sluts, the idiots, he closed his fist, looked at the yellers eyes, and proceed to try to close the distance between his hand and the exchanger stupid face. 

The clock sounded, the alarm played, another day ended, the little boy saw himself and the American, who proceeded to walk out of classroom, with the voluptuous girl.

Another day ended. The enraged child was breathing and thinking, as he walked out.

-tomorrow is another day… 

This is an example of one of the principals elements that makes us human, unique.

Human containment is our social need to close our eyes, our ears, and out mouths, hinder our emotions, toughen up, act calmly.

We hide everything, angriness, sadness, frustration.

We try to hinder our savagism, our real need to fight, in an attempt to avoid a problem to us and other people.

That’s how all great society’s worked, that how our mature development works, its not bad, it can give us many important advantages, but sometimes, its painful.

That’s something we humans have developed, the capacity to resist psychological pain in the needs of surviving, only a few are truly free of this pain, the outcast (no to confuse with criminals) when alone, become the most friendly and happy men in the world, whos bare existence, becomes an rebellion to society.