How the destruction of world heritage building by ISIL is a regresion too obscurantism.

How the destruction of world heritage building by ISIL is a regresion too obscurantism.

220px-Armenian_Genocide_Memorial_in_Der_Zor,_SyriaBefore anything, let me give you a bit of context (

Now, we all know what is happening, the group known as the Islamic state of Syria and Lebanon, has been destroying with various means, from handguns and explosives too even bulldozers, many cultural heritage artifacts and buildings.

Its been considered a propaganda intimidation, but in fact, its worst, its an cultural cleansing.

Many of this building dates back to the pre-Islamic times, having an strong polytheist, and many, possess elements that relation them to the Christian and Jewish religion.

This come in relation to the chocking assassination of renowned archeologist Khaled al-Assad, executed at the ancient city of Palmyra (jewel of archeologists and historians due to his enriched cultural expression and symbolical art).

When we see the context of the destruction of this ruins, it only comes to mind the destruction of history, evidence, of once an significant culture. Lets read a short list of heritage destroyed.

Temple of Baalshamin: Uncovered by Swiss archeologist in the 50’s, located in Palmyra. It was demolished due to his pre-Islamic.  baalshamin

It possessed an polytheistic connotation being from the Canaanite times.

Another one its the Armenian genocide memorial church in Deir ez-zar , having an Catholic symbolism.

The monastery of St. Elian, is another example.

Also, the mosque of the prophet Yanus, under accusation of being an symbol of apostasy. the list goes on and on.

Dozens of artifacts has been destroyed, meaning destruction of years of work and history, this, is in fact, an regression of obscurantism as a system, destroying human knowledge and evidence of evolution of civilization. Its comparable to the pillage and destruction of the Alexandria Library.

This is an form of anti-intellectualism, an form of absolutism, dangerous than any type of exceptionalism.